TARGET : 2.5
Serial No Indicator Name
2.5.1 Number of plant and animal genetic resources for food and agriculture secured in either medium or long-term conservation facilities View
2.5.2 Proportion of local breeds classified as being at risk, not-at-risk or at unknown level of risk of extinction View
2.5.1.a BARI View
2.5.1.b BRRI View
2.5.1.c BINA View
2.5.1.d BJRI View
2.5.1.e BSRI View
2.5.1.f CDB View
2.5.1.g BFRI (Fisheries) View
2.5.1.h BFRI(Forests) View
2.5.1.i BTRI View
2.5.1.j BSRTI View
2.5.1.l No.of Plant and Animal Resources for food and agriculture secured- No. of Species View
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