Event Details


MoU between Bangladesh and Peru

Date: 23 Oct 2018

Venue: Dubai

Country: United Arab Emirates(UAE)

The South-South Cooperation provides the platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences and expertise to assist a more comprehensive understanding of citizen-centric service delivery among the countries of the global South. Partnership is an important goal among SDGs and a crucial means for achieving them. “National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI)” of Peru and “a2i – Innovate for All” of Bangladesh have agreed to work together to implement SDG Tracker in Peru whereby they can monitor SDGs and different data initiatives. a2i, INEI and Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) co-hosted the event at the UN World Data Forum, Dubai, UAE on 23rd October, 2018. As part of this MoU, a2i will share knowledge and expertise in relevant initiatives related to national development with INEI and support the INEI in tracking SDGs through SDG Tracker, a simple but powerful tool for comprehensive targets setting and progress tracking of each SDG, indicator by indicator. The SDG Tracker can be adjusted to each development context and set of challenges faced. It will be leading to efficient resource allocation and effective policy making for inclusive and sustainable development. a2i, with support from ICT Division, UNDP and USAID and in collaboration with the General Economics Division (GED) of the Planning Commission, designed and developed the ‘SDG Tracker’ to create an online data repository for accurately monitoring progress of realizing SDG indicators. Collaboration between Bangladesh’s a2i and Peru’s INEI will make the nexus of SDG Tracker, South-South Cooperation and citizen-centric public service development stronger and more effective. It will further expand new opportunities and possibilities that will lead to joint initiatives for achieving national development objectives and SDGs. This partnership has been made possible through the catalytic effort of the South-South Network for Public Service Innovation (SSN4PSI), a global collaborative platform where governments, private sector organizations, experts, academicians and distinguished individuals (who are members of this network) can exchange knowledge, experiences and expertise to harness innovations in public service delivery and help governments and people to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s and other development agenda. a2i’s Project Director and Additional Secretary to the Government Md. Mustafizur Rahman stated that, collaboration between a2i and INEI of Peru would make SDG Tracker and SSC and citizen-eccentric public service development nexus stronger and more effective. “Through the MoU, I see new opportunities and possibilities that will lead us to path of shared prosperity”, he added. INEI’s Deputy Chief Dr. Anibal Sanchez Aguilar said, “I am confident that this MoU, product of genuine south-south collaboration, will be of great benefit and we are thrilled to take on this commitment.” INEI’s Technical Cooperation Specialist Mr. Luis Calle Rosasco, a2i’s Policy Advisor Anir Chowdhury, Distinguished Fellow of Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) Professor Mustafizur Rahman, a2i’s Head of Results Management and Data Dr. Ramiz Uddin, representatives from UN Statistics Division and Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) was present in the event, among others.